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Twisted Cider Sparkling Case

Mixed Case cider - Sparkling Premium & Flavoured - 4-5% ABV

Love a bit of FIZZ in your cider?

Try our delicious range of sparkling ciders to get your taste buds fired up.

Chill them down to perfection in the fridge and listen to the sweet fizzing sound as you pop the cap.

Perfect for a BBQ or evening in with friends.


  • 3 x Premium No – Sparkling Cider Medium
  • 3 x Bubblegum Burst – Sparkling Flavoured Cider
  • 3 x Stormy Lemonade – Sparkling Flavoured Cider
  • 3 x Dark Spice – Sparkling Flavoured Cider

The Sparkling case is a perfect present for cider fans and great for parties.

Size description: 12 x 500ml bottles



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